Linda AndersCOC is an acronym for Cleaning, Organizing and Consulting. This unique company is an educational-oriented company that provides prospective clients with the tools to organize efficiently and proficiently care for, clean and maintain their personal spaces (i.e. home, office, garage, etc), resulting in more spare time, less stress and less mess.

Linda AndersLinda Anders specializes in organizing personal space, where access at your fingertips will become a lifestyle. Cabinets, countertops, drawers, and calendars will become structured and ordered to meet the client's personal objectives and ensure that deadlines or important events are never again missed. Clients experience true improvement in their standard of living when a livable, organized, and inviting space replaces chaos and disorganization. COC services give peace of mind instead of losing a piece your of mind!

About Me

Linda Anders, gained her expertise from owning a residential cleaning business, where she taught her staff the know-how and tips to efficiently clean customers’ home to the highest standards. She observed clients lifestyles and organization systems. Slowly she started organizing for clients, straightening up cabinets, installing systems to eliminate “junk drawers”, sorting thru boxes and boxes for clients setting up file systems.

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